What’s Up with Coke and Caffeine?

Guzzling a cold Coca-Cola for a quick caffeine and sugar buzz so I can get my late night work done. I don’t drink coffee for that. Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not guzzled.

Beautiful can, with the “SUMMER 2009” beach ball theme on it. The caffeine content is in the extremely fine print, which I can still read without glasses thank you.

34 mg per 12 fluid ounces. The can is 12 fl oz or 355 mills as Gordon Ramsey would say. I’m sure this can get quite confusing to the average consumer though, as there are other ingredient/additive amounts that refer to an 8 fl oz.

The caffeine is also listed as the last ingredient, which means the least. It also means that there is so not enough in there. I may have to drink two more. Anybody know what happened to Jolt cola?


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