Sunday Prices on Coffee

Here’s a few hits on coffee from yesterday’s paper…

Target has Folgers 27.8 to 33.9 oz tubs for $7. They also have a nice Mr. Coffee coffeemaker on sale for $39.99. You even get a 12 oz bag of Archer Farms coffee with the purchase.

Kohl’s has a sleek Proctor-Silex coffeemaker for $27.99. No free coffee though.

K-Mart has a sale on Folgers 34.5 oz Country Roast or Maxwell House 12 oz instant for $6.49.

Walgreens has a coupon for $3.99 jars of Maxwell House in the 8 oz variety. They also have a sweet deal on Folgers Classic Roast if you use the rewards card.

CVS is competing with a reward card offer of $6.99 on their 34.5 oz Maxwell House.

With all those sweet deals, you could buy a lot of coffee really cheap, but do you really want to? Why not buy a pound of some great fair trade, organic, or other variety from your local coffee shop or bookstore? I promise you that it’ll be worth the time and cost.

One thought on “Sunday Prices on Coffee

  1. Walmart is doing al those commercials about how much money you save by now going to the local coffee shops, but I like the atmosphere in my local coffee shop and it’s not something I can find while at home trying to wrangle the kids.

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