Coffee in the Comics for Today

Here’s today’s postings from the comics page.

In case you’re wondering, I’m reading my local paper- The Sun News, out of Myrtle Beach, SC. They have a good selection of comics but might not have all the same ones you do. If I miss any postings, feel free to send them to me at

Family Circus showcased a nice coffee-centric entry. In the next panel, I suppose daddy will be telling Dolly “When you get older, you won’t have to pretend. Coffee will be as important to you as oxygen and water.”

Family Circus_Th 8.27 001

Coffee also made cameo appearances in Blondie, Dilbert, and Non Sequitur.

  Blondie_Th 8.27 001

Dilbert_Th 8.27 001

Non Sequitur_Th 8.27 001


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