Coffee Junkie: Kevin Miller @ Free Agent Academy

I’m very proud to call Kevin Miller a friend. He is the head guru at the Free Agent Academy, a group that I am proud to be a member of. It’s a braintrust of self-employed people and has helped me immensely with several different ventures. Hey, even Bill Gates started out as a Free Agent.

You can check it out here at


The reason I mention Kevin is because he’s a coffee junkie like me- no instant junk in his pantry. He and I were talking recently about coffee. He makes his own from scratch, everything but growing the actual beans.

Here’s a short excerpt from a recent conversation he and I had on one of the Free Agent Academy discussion boards…

I love sitting out back of my house in the Aspens, roasting coffee. Often have the baby in a chair next to me. Got turned on to it about 5 years ago and just don’t like the taste of anything else anymore.

I really, really enjoy sipping on great tasting coffee at near boiling temps. But love that fresh coffee tastes good even if it’s cooled to lukewarm. You can ice it even. And the good stuff almost has that chocolate aroma.

I’m pretty basic…just drip brew. Occasionally french press, but I tire of that. Straight espresso…I REALLY like it. But I want a whole mug and am afraid I’d fry my brains.

 Coffee junkies of the world unite!


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