100 Best Global Brands

Business Week magazine just released their special issue on the 100 Best Global Brands (www.businessweek.com). As always, it’s a great read. I felt compelled to let everyone know where coffee played into the listings.

Bus Wk 100 Best Brands cover

The Biggest Winners included Nestle (owner of Nescafe) with a 13% move upward while Starbucks came in as a Biggest Loser with a 16% drop.

Out of the 100 best we find…

Coca-Cola (1) with a number of coffee products, McDonald’s (6) attributing new success to the McCafe venture, Pepsi (23) in the same field as Coke, Nescafe (25) with new price and health conscious offerings, Nestle (58), Starbucks (90) with new instant coffee (yikes!), and Burger King (93) with a great BK Joe Turbo Strength coffee.

Overall, I’m well-pleased with the showing that coffee made in the listings.

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