Thanks for the Free Mug

I played golf yesterday in Myrtle Beach with a group from the Coastal Carolina Assoc of Realtors ( My cart partner was Al Lesnick, the owner of Arsenal Power Washing. We played alright for a couple of D level players. At least there were two other guys on the team to pull us a little closer, since we were playing Captain’s choice.

After the game Al gave me a biz card and a coffee mug with Arsenal’s logo on it. Now I know promotional materials aren’t cheap, but, in my opinion, a coffee mug is the way to go. I’ve long extolled the pleasures and benefits of coffee, and there’s no better way to promote your business than by wrapping it around a cup of brew.

Arsenal Power Washing

If you’re in the Myrtle Beach area and need any pressure washing done, check out Al at Arsenal Power Washing-


2 thoughts on “Thanks for the Free Mug

  1. Glad you at least got a free coffee mug to go with your day at the golf course…Loving Myrtle Beach lifestyle! Networking while playing golf and drinking coffee…what could be better!

  2. After I played there was plenty of room in my bag for the mug. After all, most of my golf balls were in the water and woods.

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