Coffee on The Mentalist

Coffee made a nice appearance on this week’s season premiere of The Mentalist starring Simon Baker ( or I was glad to see the show pop in again and even more thrilled to see a quirky coffee reference.


The episode dealt a few new plotlines into the mix as another crew is assigned the hunt for Red John. 

During the team’s case on this show, Patrick Jane (Baker) and Agent Lisbon (Robin Tunney) are interviewing a cubicle warden about someone that works for him. He refers to her as the Assistant Office Manager but goes on to reveal that her real job is basically as “the Coffee and Doughnut Monitor”.

Now, he thought it was derogatory, but not I. I think the second reference makes an excellent job title, much better than Asst. Office Flunky or whatever. It takes a talented, highly motivated, technically skilled person to properly monitor an office’s coffee and doughnuts. One wrong move could spell a ruinous day of heartburn and low caffeine levels.

Tell you what, I’m inspired. In my comment box, send me job titles you’ve heard, seen, or served as that are coffee-related. Make some up if you need to. I’ll send the best one a prize.


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