West End Coffee Company- Augusta Grill Blend

Even before I tried the coffee I was quite pleased with the West End Coffee Company. It seemed like I had no sooner fired off an e-mail requesting a bag of beans than I opened the door to the UPS man. He was there the very next day holding a box labeled “From our roaster to your cup in about 24 hours.” I was absolutely amazed.

Then I tried the coffee and the amazement continued. I requested the Augusta Grill Blend because of the location in my old stomping grounds in upstate SC. The Augusta Grill has been a prominent eatery in Greenville, SC for years. I enjoyed my coffee at home, but if you ever find yourself in the g-ville area, I suggest you drop into the restaurant to enjoy your brew with a nice meal and then go by West End to purchase a freshly-brewed bag to take home.

The Augusta Grill Blend is a roast of Costa Rican Tarrazu and Sumatran Mandheling. The coffees of the Indonesian island of Sumatra add a certain level of intrigue and heaviness to their blends. Sumatran beans are often considered the romance coffees because of this. The Tarrazu beans cultivated in the central part of Costa Rica offer a clean balance to the heaviness of the Mandheling. The overall effect is a very pleasant one.

This is a coffee that invites one to sit down and enjoy a cup, but inspires relaxed conversation. Don’t try to experience the full taste of this one while rushing to work or strapped to the computer at the office. No, save this one for after dinner with family and friends or perhaps over a lengthy breakfast.

The Augusta Grill Blend is what I consider to be an excellent choice. The taste is superb, and the coffee inspires a particular action by encouraging conversation and relaxation. Who knew coffee could be so powerful? If, however, you have a different job in mind for your coffee, like the early morning commute West End does offer several other blends.

West End Coffee Company, Greenville SC, 877-FreshJo (373-7456), www.westendcoffee.com

Augusta Grill Blend

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