Thanks for the Joe

I’m a stickler for etiquette and Thank You cards are one of the basics. You should always send a nice Thank You card in return for a good cup of coffee. Send a card through the mail, not an e-mail, text, or tweet.

I typically buy my Thank You cards off the rack at Office Depot but I’m always looking for something a little more unique and personal. I just haven’t found a card yet that I’m perfectly satisfied with.

I also mail them with a nice not-so-normal stamp, never the cheesy Forever stamp or anything metered at the office. I actually buy stamps in different denominations and cluster two or three on an envelope to make it stick out.

I also like to ink a stamp on the back. My personal signature is a compass. I’d browse the stamp section of a craft store in person or on the web and find one that shows your personality.


Office Depot-

Here’s the super-dooper long link for the USPS stamp store-

I usually hit the local ACMoore for stamps.


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