Food & Family from Kraft Foods (Holiday 09 issue)

For a while I’ve been receiving a free magazine from Kraft Foods called food&family. It’s actually a pretty good magazine for a freebie. I suspect my subscription is about to end judging by the large yellow label on the cover that says, “ATTENTION: FINAL ISSUE ALERT.”

Like any corporate magazine, it only highlights Kraft products. With some corporations, this could be bad, but Kraft has so many products and labels that it comes across as more of a general food magazine with recipes, coupons, and home cooking advice. The good thing for me is that Kraft carries or makes so many coffee-related products that I have no trouble finding items of interest to my fans. To be honest, I’d put it on par with many of the food magazines I pick up at the bookstore.


The latest Holiday ’09 issue was very coffee-centric…

1. A nice coupon for Starbucks’ new 5oz coffee bags. A great way to try different flavors in the short term. Also great for coffee tasting parties.

2. A mention for Maxwell House’s new House Blend promising a “delicious, medium bold coffee with distinctive accents and a smooth finish.”

3. A great pumpkin cream cupcake recipe to savor with a cup of coffee along with a short primer of coffee tasting terminology.

4. An article for DIY coffee gift baskets, an idea I absolutely love. The only better gift than coffee would be cash (which you could buy coffee with).

5. Turning your home into your own little coffehouse with descriptions of various blends to brew for various activities.

6.  A Tassimo coffemaker made the timesavers column.

I was purposely vague in my descriptions, so you’ll have to check out the latest issue for yourself at…


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