Seattle Officers Slain in Coffee Shop

Usually my columns are plenty frivolous and joyful. It is with great sadness that I use it today  to honor the four fallen Lakewood Police Officers who were ambushed and shot to death by Maurice Clemmons a few days ago.

Apparrently, the four officers were sitting in the coffee shop working on their laptops when Clemmons entered and opened fire. Coffee shops are great places for officers to gather and complete paperwork, drink a cup of Joe, or just keep a positive presence in the community. It’s a shame that this happened in a place that, for the most part, was considered safe and secure.

I also feel I have to go on the record by stating that justice was played out well in the completely justified shooting of Clemmons by another officer.

The lesson to learn here is that we must be vigilant no matter where we are or how safe we feel.

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