Trail Runner Magazine and the Bean

Just finished reading my latest issue of Trail Runner magazine. Great issue! There aren’t that many spots to trail run nearby (no, the beach doesn’t count), but it always inspires me to get out somewhere in the midst of trees and dirt and run like a banshee.

Caught a couple of good coffee references out of this issue…

Editor Michael Benge talked about a recent injury, but proved that coffee is just too important and worth working through the pain to ge to- “Limping pathetically to the coffee pot the next morning, I still held out for the piriformis diagnosis…” p4

Garett Graubins, in his Run Amok column, spoke about the importance of caffeine- “Caffeine is the lifeblood of trail running, and there happened to be a Starbucks conveniently located on the drive to and from every race I ran in 2009.” p 16

Aside from the great black juice references, if you’re a trail runner or would like to be one, run out and grab this issue. There’s a great race directory and 2010 calendar inside. I picked mine up at my local Books-A-Million in Murrells Inlet.


2 thoughts on “Trail Runner Magazine and the Bean

  1. Hi David.

    Thanks so much for sharing. And for spreading the Trail Runner love. I tend to blur trail running with “off-road running,” so beaches count in my world! Although not technically correct, it works for me whenever I’m on the coast. Which isn’t often enough!

    Thanks again for the great exposure on your blog!


    Cynthia B. Bruggeman
    Associate Publisher

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