48 Days to the Work You Love

I’ve often asked why I basically work in and around coffee. Simple. It’s my passion. It’s what I love. It’s the thing I would do for free if I had to.

Since I’ve been so successful living and working in my passion, I’m often asked to teach or speak about it. To do that I’ve chosen to use 48 Days to the Work You Love as the platform for teaching others about living out their passions. Please read on to find out more. I’ll be starting the 2010 seminar series soon and the classes fill up fast.

Coffee may not be your life’s passion (although it should be pretty important), but it’d be nice to find out what is.

I have been a fan of Dan Miller for a long time, reading his books and attending his conferences on various topics. My wife and I were introduced to his work when we noticed a 48 Days to the Work You Love book and workbook package at Costco.

For most of our adult lives we both floundered about in different careers and occupations, never quite happy or satisfied. We never felt like we belonged in any place we worked. Like most self-help books, we hoped this one would provide the answers to our problems. Unlike most self-help books, this one actually delivered. It helps you take a long hard and honest look at your life and the way you’re spending it, which was exactly what we needed.

            That is why I have begun teaching the 48 Days to the Work You Love seminars. Beginning this year I will be teaching the 48 Days curriculum in a variety of formats- a one week five-day class and a six week one-day-a-week class, with times including both day and evening classes. I honestly believe that this curriculum can help people who need to find their place in life, especially those who have been let go, laid off, or fired from other jobs. I know this from personal experience, as it has helped me.

            In a lot less than 48 days after reading the book and working through it with my wife, I had a head start on a new career path that I was absolutely in love with. The new career path that the book led me to was not only mentally and financially satisfying, but also spiritually so. The curriculum is not just about finding a good job, but defining what you want to be. In other words, do you want to scrape by making a living, or do you finally want to step out and live your dream through a job you love?

            The seminar is also an excellent choice for baby boomers and seniors who are either already retired or nearing the day. I’m sure many of you have toiled away for years and years at jobs you hated, jobs that sucked the life out of you, jobs that provided a paycheck but little else. For many of you, the opportunity to start a new career is a primary goal of retirement. For others, you may only need a job to supplement your income or keep you busy several days out of the week. Either way, 48 Days to the Work You Love could be the answer. In my opinion, it should be required for any retiree before the last day at work.  

            As the book states, “48 Days to the Work You Love provides a step-by-step process of creating a Life Plan and translating that plan into meaningful and fulfilling daily work.” Not only did it work for my own life by weeding out all the distractions and focusing my career aspirations, it worked for others as well. I immediately passed it on to a client of mine that was recently laid off. Not only was he in a job he didn’t enjoy, but he did not know what to look for next.

Working only to pay the bills is just not the way to live. Why not find the work you love and work because you want to be in that place doing that job? 48 Days to the Work You Love will help you do that. I can help you do that. All you have to do is call and sign up for an upcoming seminar.

6 thoughts on “48 Days to the Work You Love

  1. The classes are $348. I’m starting up in Feb with 2 possible formats, depending on the interest. I can do it as a four-hour per day class for five days or 2 hours in the evening 1 day a week for 8 weeks.

  2. Via Facebook- “I really like good coffee too. Always black and steaming hot. There’s no need to add anything to good coffee. You sound like an expert. Do you teach coffee appreciation? If so, I would be interested in that.” Charles T.

  3. Via Facebook- “I love my expresso machine I got for 2.50 through the resale shop.It was like new.Specialy good in this cold spell.” Tray B.

  4. Via Facebook- “Very cool. I will have to look into that. What could be cooler than sitting around talking about enjoying a good cup of joe? ” Charles T.

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