Evil Coffeemakers Invade the G-Force movie

Don’t know if you’ve seen the G-Force movie starring super-secret agent guinea pigs. I’ll admit, I’ve seen it. I rented it for the kids and thought it was pretty cool.

There is an evil coffeemaker in the movie powered by a govt AI chip almost like the ones used in Small Soldiers to power action figures. This coffeemaker goes after the g-pigs with a vengeance. Shoots lasers and works the grinding blades as buzzsaws.

Even though the coffeemaker was a villain, it was a most ingenious method of showcasing coffee in the movie. My only beef is that the maker was destroyed by a pick-up truck. Such a powerful coffeemaker should’ve been given a chance at rehabilitation.

If you’re forced to rent a movie for your kids starring rodents, definitely pick this one over the Chipmunks. Much easier to tolerate.


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