Worst Use of Coffee in a Commercial

I just saw the latest Charmin Ultra Soft toilet tissue commercial. You know, those are the ones where the bear always has a few pieces of paper clinging to his butt fur when he wipes. I always thought they were pretty funny in a gross kinda way.

The latest one though features both coffee and espresso in a very bad way as a metaphor for coffee. They use the concept of less is more, as in less espresso gives bigger push than more coffee and less Charmin wipes up more poo than more regular toilet paper.

So the husband bear switches to espresso for more caffiene and Charmin so he doesn’t have clingons around uranus.

It’s gross on 2 main accounts. I could name more, but I’m losing my appetite as I speak. Number one- coffee should never ever be used in any way in conjunction with dark matter (poo). Number two- no type of food product should be featured on a toilet paper commercial. Yes, I know that all loo activities come from the original act of eating, but do we really need to associate the two. No, we don’t.


10 thoughts on “Worst Use of Coffee in a Commercial

  1. I concur but I am also aware, as no doubt are you, that coffee IS a natural laxative. That being true, there is still no way to justify the inclusion of this fine beverage in a toilet paper commercial. Commercials in general are getting more brash and tacky to the extent that I may stop buying things. Except coffee, of course.

  2. Via Facebook- “”In some countries I have visited, it is like waxed paper. No absorption, just displacement. One time in the PI, I asked for some TP and the girl laughed and asked, “why you want some, you not a girl?” There was a communal bucket and
    sponge.” Rick W.

  3. Via Facebook- “Frankly, I don’t understand the whole softness thing. I need strength and surface area. Moisture is nice too. Men have texture issues. Shop towels work fine. Just got to stay away from the oil rag can. ” Charles T.

  4. From Facebook- “Why do they spend money advertising toilet paper? I think most consumers of butt wipe are like me. I purchase based on past experience, not because it gets shit off of a bear. That is one item I do not bargain shop. I don’t buy
    parachutes, but that would be another.” Rick W.

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