Fairy Queens Love Coffee

Did you know fairy queens and sidhe warriors love coffee?

My wife and I have been reading Laurell K. Hamilton’s books for years, both the Meredith Gentry and Anita Blake series’. Just finished the latest Gentry book Divine Misdemeanors.

There are several really great coffee references in the book. The author Hamilton must really be a great coffee junkie.

I’ll give you a hint here, but you’ll have to buy the book to get the full taste. If you haven’t read any of them, be sure to start with the first one, A Kiss of Shadows.

Page 33- “The scent of some herbal and sweet musk polish blended with the rich aroma of tea, and overall was the scent of coffee, so rich you could taste it on yoiur tongue. They must have just finished grinding some fresh for a customer, because Robert insisted that the coffee be tightly covered. He wanted to keep the freshness in, but it was more so that the coffee didn’t overwhelm the gentler scent of his teas.”

Page 48- “He ordered an exotic coffee that he’d ordered the first time we’d come here, and that he liked to have at the house. It wasn’t a coffee that I’d ever seen in faerie, which meant that he’d been outside enough to grow fond of it.”

I love that reference. It implies that the faerie have their own kind of coffee down in the sithen, perhaps a brew that we humans haven’t tried yet.

The next quote speaks of priorities after a long day of swordplay…

Page 121- “He laid his weapons on the kitchen counter and turned on the light over the oven, making a small glow in the  dark, quiet house. He turned on the coffeemaker, which was ready to go for the morning.”

Most of Hamilton’s books feature coffee in a great way, as her most important characters are coffee junkies. It’s alright though. Coffee is great for sharpening the mind and the reflexes for fighting zombies, monsters, and rogue fey.


2 thoughts on “Fairy Queens Love Coffee

  1. From Facebook- “Is them fairies like Peter Pan or Elton John? It’s important you know. ” Charles T.

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