“Coffee” is a Metaphor for…

Just finished reading The Murderers by W.E.B. Griffin, another one of the books in his Badge of Honor series about Philly cops. Great book, but I expected as much. Griffin has never disappointed me.

The one thing that really struck me in this one was how all the coffee references were actually metaphors for other things in life. Don’t believe me, I’ll show you…

Coffee can be a peace offering- “Come on in, then,” Chief Matdorf said. “I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee.” p8

Coffee is a paperweight for time- “They will pull into a diner someplace for a cup of coffee, and wait for me with a broad smile.” p11

Coffee is a gift- “Thanks, Henry,” Staff Inspector Mike Weisbach said, taking a cup of coffee…” p51

Coffee is a bargaining chip- “You can make your own coffee.”…”I already have, and if you are a good girl, you may have a cup.” p131

Coffee is a medium for conversation- “You ever get a break?” she asked. “For a cup of coffee or something?”…”Charley, all I’m offering is a cup of coffee.” p197

Coffee is hello- “Come on in, Mike,” he said. “Can I have Paul get you a cup of coffee?” p206

          “Coffee? Or a drink?” she asked. p285

Coffee is a major food group- “A domestic servant…entered carrying a tray with coffee, toast, and orange juice.” p211

Coffee is a meeting- “I thought maybe we could have a cup of coffee or something.”…”I can always find time to take a cup of coffee with you.” p305

Coffee is a substitute for alcohol- “We’re going to a bar…where you are going to have either a coffee or a Coke.” p326

          “I think I better have coffee,” Matt said. p327

Coffee is a means of hospitality- “At least I can offer her hot coffee.” p338

Coffee is a zen meditation device- “He saw her…staring into a coffee cup on the table.” p351

Coffee is a substitute for a relaxation pill (pick your favorite one)- “Please sit down…Let me get you a cup of coffee.” p363

Coffee is a piece of exercise equipment- “Staff Inspector Michael Weisbach was sitting slumped on Wohl’s couch, his legs stretched out in front of him, balancing a cup of coffee on his chest.” p397

Coffee is an excuse to take your time- “I could drink another cup of coffee.” p426

Coffee is an alarm clock- “Officer Woodrow Wilson Bailey, Sr., woke to the smell of brewing coffee and fried ham. It pleased him.” p441


2 thoughts on ““Coffee” is a Metaphor for…

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