“Authentic” Coffee from The Murderers by W.E.B. Griffin

From pages 391-392 of The Murderers by W.E.B. Griffin

“Can I have the girl get you some coffee? Or something stronger?”

“I don’t know about Matt here, but the detective in me tells me it’s very likely that a restaurateur would have some drinkable coffee in his house.”

“I have some special from Brazil,” Atchison said. “Bean coffee. Dark roast. I grind it just before I brew it.”

“I accept your kind invitation,” Washington said.

“And so do I,” Matt said.

“Let me show it to you,” Atchison said.

They followed him into the kitchen and watched his coffee-brewing ritual.

Washington, Matt thought, looked genuinely interested.

Finally they returned to the living room.

“Sit down,” Atchison said. “Let me know how I can help.”

Washington sipped his coffee.

“Very nice!”

“I’m glad you like it,” Atchison said.

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