Vampires Take Their Coffee With…

Just went to see Daybreakers the other day. I’m a huge vampire fan and, well, the allure of a few coffee scenes in a vampire flick was more than I couild resist. It was also nice to see a movie with real vampires and not those cheesy teenage heartthrob pansy vamps.

The coffee scenes were outstanding.

The world is run by vampires, but you don’t think that’s gonna ruin their jones-ing for caffeine do you? Not at all. In fact, there is a coffee shop featured in several scenes named The Nightly Coffee. Patrons can choose the blood type they want added. At first the Nightly advertised 20% blood in the coffee but as the shortage progressed it went down to 5%. Then came the coffee shop riot for more blood. It was great.

There’s also a great scene with Ethan Hawke mixing a few dollops of blood into his cup and saucer brew. The shot shows it turning from a nice kaffe brown into something a little more deep red.

Even the little kid vampires are seen sipping lattes.

The next time you step into a coffee shop with an undead barista maybe you should consider a shot of hemoglobin instead of the usual cream and 2 sugars. Try the O+. It’s delightful.

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