How Should I Celebrate My Birthday?

So what’s a coffee guy to do on his birthday? I could always drop by Crystalite Cafe down the street and have a brew or I could make my own. I have an excellent bag of Kona sitting on the shelf right now.

I’m sure I’ll have some coffee, but here’s an idea you may want to put into practice for your own birthdays. I R&D’d (robbed and duplicated) this one from a blog written by Seth Godin

What should I do on your birthday?

On July 4, birthday of the USA, we’re supposed to blow off fireworks, eat hot dogs and buy a Chevrolet.

On Columbus Day, birthday of an early imperialist, we’re supposed to shop and march in a parade.

On Martin Luther King Jr. day, marvelously, we’re supposed to participate in a national day of service.

So, what should we do on your birthday?

With all due respect to Hallmark, the idea of sending people cards and presents on their birthday seems both selfish and small-minded. It seems to me that we could think bigger.

On the birthday of your company or brand, what would you like your customers to do?

On your birthday, what should your friends do? Let’s say you have a shoe buying fetish. Perhaps on your birthday, your friends could buy shoes–for themselves, not for you. Share the joy, right? Or perhaps buy shoes for their friends?

On my birthday, it would make me really happy if people started a project, launched an idea or engaged in a difficult interaction that made something good happen. Make a difference day.

What’s your story?


3 thoughts on “How Should I Celebrate My Birthday?

  1. Via Facebook- “Happy Birthday Doc! Have a nice steamin’ cup ‘a’ joe and celebrate! With your birthday cake I mean!” Charles T.

  2. Via Facebook- “Happy Birthday skirt-wearing, coffee-drinking, FB-bloggin’ man! Hope it’s a good one!” Cathy B.

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