The Neighborhood Approach to a Coffee Shop

I talk a lot about “authentic” coffee drinkers and not so much about “authentic” coffee shops. It’s mainly because I enjoy the personality and backstory behind the people who drink coffee. Sadly, you don’t always get either at a coffee shop. The truth is also that just because a place serves lots of coffee-ish items, it doesn’t make it an “authentic” coffee shop.

In the future I’ll be searching harder to find “authentic” coffee shops to profile for you. Drop me a line if you know of any. It doesn’t matter where. I love to travel.

I recently came across a blurb in the latest Metropolis magazine that illustrates a point many coffee shops and aspiring owners should take to heart.

Metropolis did a prophetical article defining what to look for in the future. In regards to food establishments, an author said…

“There is a move away from the very big, generic restaraunt toward more specific restaraunts and cuisine- things that are more an outgrowth of the neighborhood.”

Take that to heart. The big, impersonal, we-do-everything-called-coffee establishments will not survive and prosper into the future unless they happen to be inside a big chain bookstore. And even those won’t do as good.

The coffee shops that will grow and grow and get known will be those that reflect the owners and the community. Decide for yourself what that means in the details, but I say to you that it must happen.

Think about it, if the bookstore coffee shops were more specific and unique, they might be the attraction to the bookstore and not the other way around.

Article source: What’s Next 1-5-10 (various authors), Metropolis magazine, Jan 2010, page 47


One thought on “The Neighborhood Approach to a Coffee Shop

  1. I agree, the quiet intimacy of a real coffee is a big draw for me.Though I am not a coffee drinker myself, I love that most of the coffee shops have tasty hot cocoa’s.

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