Name That Item and Win Coffee

Here’s a pic I took the other day while I was getting some work done at my local Barnes and Noble.

If you can name all the items in the photo, I’ll send you a bag of coffee. The entry with the most correct answers wins.

Let the contest begin…

1. What brand sunglasses?

2. What kind of pen is that?

3. What program is running on my laptop?

4. What kind of phone?

5. What’s in the cup? (Hint- it’s not coffee)


2 thoughts on “Name That Item and Win Coffee

  1. 1. Oakley
    2. Mont Blanc
    3. Microsoft Word
    4. Blackberry Pearl
    5. Chi Tea?
    AND you have a receipt under the phone.

  2. You know it’s cheating for my wife to answer all the questions. I’ll be sure to give you a bag of coffee, even though I know you don’t like it. I guess that means I’ll drink it.

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