First Pro MMA Fight in South Carolina

The Coffee Scholar was invited to be part of the media contingent at Bash at the Beach, the first ever professional mixed martial arts event in South Carolina. Until this year mixed martial arts events were illegal here.

Now, you might be wondering, why would I be invited to the event and what does it have to do with coffee?

I’ll tell you.

First off, I’m what Malcolm Gladwell would call a maven. I’m into everything. Aside from my role as The Coffee Scholar, I’m also a prolific freelance writer and well-known locally as the go-to guy for coverage of combat sports.

Secondly, coffee is universal. Not only do most, if not all, MMA fighters enjoy coffee, but many of the countries with a rich heritage of combat sports also have a rich coffee heritage. I’ll cover this one more in later entries, but leave you with one example. Brazil is widely known in the coffee industry for their quality and quantity of bean supply. They are also well-known for another export, that of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, perhaps one of the most sought after styles for fighters to train in.

The fights were great. Carolina Fight Promotions put on a great show. I was seated in the media section about 12″ from the cage and couldn’t have asked for a better view. CFP are a top notch promotion outfit.

For some pics of both the event and the weigh-ins, check out The Coffee Scholar fan page on Facebook for the photo album.

I did a post-fight write-up for the local alt-press paper. I’ll post a copy once it comes out.


3 thoughts on “First Pro MMA Fight in South Carolina

  1. So it appears there is a direct correlation between the consumption of coffee and the propensity for violence. I am told by my coffee drinking friends that there is a more intense link between being denied coffee in the morning and violence.

  2. At least if you have a cup of java in your hand your less likely to smell the blood and sweat being pounded out in the ring.

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