Coffee Biz Opportunity in Myrtle Beach

I’m not in the nuts-and-bolts side of the coffee biz. Rather, I’m on the information dissemination side of things. As such, I love to pass on opportunities to my readers about potential opportunities I run across for coffee shops or other ventures.

Here’s a great one in the center of Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach has long been known for it’s boardwalk. I remember when I was yet a pre-coffee toddler walking out there to the gift shops and arcade. I loved it. After a number of years the boardwalk fell into disrepair and a lot of people forgot about it. Well, Myrtle Beach has decided to replace the old one and rebuild, and they are going after it with a vengeance.

After much conversation and going back and forth they finally agreed to allow cafe’s on the walk. This is where your opportunity comes in. You could be one of the first coffee shops or cafe’s to open up in what may be the biggest new attraction in MB for 2010.

Myrtle Beach is now an all-year tourist resort also, so you’re shop wouldn’t have to be strictly seasonal.

Here’s the specs as I understand them so far…

  1. Outdoor seating, umbrellas, and other items must be tasteful and attractive (duh!).
  2. Maximum 12′ width area on the boardwalk.
  3. Cafes must be inviting and open while allowing the owners to be creative in decor.
  4. All will require approval by the city prior to granting a license.

The boardwalk should be complete by Easter, so you better jump on this if you’re interested. A couple of restaraunts are already submitting items for approval. Most so far are ocean and nautical themed. I don’t know of any that are more tropical as of yet. Perhaps a Jamaican coffee shop/cafe?

Click here to see the live camera feeds of the construction.

SHAMELESS PLUG FOR THE COFFEE SCHOLAR- If anyone wants to move into this idea, I’m open for consulting on it and helping introduce you to the locals at the Chamber of Commerce and city/county government.

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