The Kraft Monster is Set to Gobble Cadbury

Looks like the way has finally been smoothed over for Kraft to buy Cadbury from the Brits. And only for a measly $19.5 billion. 72% of Cadbury shareholders approved the buyout, although the only real question that remains is how Kraft will merge the two and absorb all that chocolate.

I think the best idea from the merger would be a few Cadbury-branded coffee candy, maybe a line of coffee-related chocolates.

The global behemoth that comes out the other end will represent $50 billion in annual sales in 160 countries. Can you say “cheese and macaroni” in Japanese?

Kraft sells coffee in the Maxwell House and Sanka brands.

Chief Exec Irene Rosenfeld from Kraft said, “This combination is about growth and it is about the opportunity to create a global powerhouse.”

Even with the immense shareholder approval, there were still lots of protesters in London with claims of Cadbury “selling out.”

What do you think? Good? Bad? Gonna wait and see?


One thought on “The Kraft Monster is Set to Gobble Cadbury

  1. Bad!… I don’t want cheese flavored chocolate 😦 JK Hey I think if they got the money to spend and they want to buy another company and that company wants to sell who r we 2 judge? It’s not our money. Would we want others telling us how we should spend our money?

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