Coffee for the Boy Scouts?

I’m busy doing research right now for getting my little boy into the Cub Scouts. He’s only 5 now, so he’ll apparently have to wait a couple of years, ’cause they only take kids 7 and up. We homeschool though, so I’m gonna go ahead and buy a Cub Scout book and integrate the skills and stuff into our camping trips.

By the time he gets in, he’ll be like a super-scout or something.

As I was doing research, I hit on the page where all the Boy Scout badges are listed. Got me excited. I’m the kind of person that relies on exterior accoutrements for internal self-gratification- certificates, ribbons, medals, etc. I had a nice fruit salad of ribbons after many many moons in the military and Fed service. Looking at all these Boy Scout badges makes me wish I could go back and earn some myself.

I started looking though to see what kind of badges kids could earn for coffee-related activities. There are over 120 badges and awards. Some would be extremely easy to incorporate coffee into. Others might take a little more work. Here’s my take on it…

Easy ones…

1. Cooking

2. Farm Mechanics

3. Plant Science

A little more work…

1. American Business. Use coffee shops and businesses as part of the research. I especially like the option given to do a presentation on an e-commerce company.

2. American Cultures. This could easily be done using coffee traditions.

3.  Entrepreneurship. The coffee biz!

There’s tons more, so be sure to check it out yourself if you’re a Scout or parent of one. If not, maybe you should be. Just let the coffee permeate into everything you do.


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