13-Year-Old Coffee-preneur

They say it’s all in who you know. Well, I have to admit that it’s true. I’ve become involved in a small circle of Free Agents (self-employed folks) and dreamers in the past few years that have opened up my life and business in ways I never dreamed. Think of it like my caffeinated version of the seven degrees game.

I saw the book 48 days to the Work You Love in Costco. I contacted the author Dan Miller through his website. Then I met his son Kevin Miller, the chief guru at Free Agent Academy. Then I learned about Autumn Miller, Kevin’s 13yo daughter. All that in only 3 degrees of seperation.

I recently attended the Winter 2010 Free Agent Academy Intensive in Colorado. While there, Kevin told me all about Autumn’s new coffee business. I was stoked. Here’s a young lady with a plan for income that revolves around something she’s passionate about and loves. How different she is from most teenagers who’s plans often involve drugs, video games, or tv as fulltime occupations.

I still haven’t met Autumn, but I managed to interview her via e-mail. I’ve also sampled her coffee product. It’s great! Read on, here’s the interview. Check her out and order some brew!

Italicized comments are mine.

Autumn Grace Miller of Aspen View Flash Roast

Aspen View Flash Roast
Roast it Quick ~ Brew it Slow ~ Savor it Daily
~Let The Addiction Begin~

Why did you decide to start roasting coffee?
My Dad made me help (he did pay me) roast ’cause he needed a lot to give to attendees to his FreeAgentAcademy.com event.

Having known Kevin for a while, I know him to be the kind of dad that teaches the old Protestant work ethic. He’s not a slave driver, but his kids know the value of hard work. If only more parents raised their kids like this!

How did you get into coffee?
My Mom and Dad drink it, and Daddy has roasted his own for years. I just liked the smell, the taste and liked how my Daddy really enjoyed it.

Who doesn’t enjoy coffee? I like that the enjoyment of the bean has been passed down the family tree.

What’s your favorite coffee and how do you prepare it?

Sumatra, I roast my own, drink it black.

A tough girl to drink it black, but it’s because she respects the coffee. I’ve tried her Sumatra. Nice!

Aren’t you worried about all the bad stuff about people drinking coffee too young?
What bad stuff? I wouldn’t expect my parents to let me if it was really detrimental.

Most of the research into the bad effects of coffee on kids is anecdotal, hypothetical, and open to interpretation. Even so, it gets media play, so people tend to believe it.

What’s the best product in your coffee line?
Some Rwandan coffee my uncle brought back for us. It’s really good. My Dad wouldn’t let me sell it, but I did do 1/2 lb for one lady and charged her $11.

Her uncle is Jared Miller, the CEO of Keza Jewelry, an organization that serves to help women in Africa.



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