Taste! Gourmet Food Show in Myrtle Beach

We finally have a gourmet food show coming to Myrtle Beach, SC and guess who is the official coffee expert for the show? No, not some other guy. It’ll be yours truly, The Coffee Scholar!

As my part of the show I’ll be showcasing coffees from around the world and doing several seminars. I’ll put out a schedule for my seminars as soon as it comes out. They scheduled my times around Guy Fieri’s appearance so that I wouldn’t take any folks away from his food demo.

Be sure to sign up early, as the seating will be limited.

Here’s the seminars I’ll be doing…

1. Genocide Coffee- Reviving the Coffee Trade in Rwanda. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY

Coffee is growing again in Rwanda and they’re producing some great brew. This will be a very open and frank discussion of the racial genocide that occurred in Rwanda and how it affected the coffee trade in that country. We’ll see how the people are recovering and how coffee is a large part of that success and change. This seminar is FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY and will feature graphic discussion and photographs.

 2. Coffee 101 

What have you ever wanted to know about coffee and were afraid to ask? Coffee 101 will answer those questions. Come prepared to learn terminology, the process from bush to brew, the best way to store coffee, and more.

3. Kilimanjaro Coffee- Climbing the Highest Mountain in Africa 

Dr. Powers is on a mission to climb the highest points on the globe. Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa was one of those stops. It’s the highest point in Africa and the tallest freestanding volcano in the world. The Coffee Scholar stayed on a coffee plantation prior to the adventure and climbed with a local named Livingstone. Get a guided visual tour of African snow and a little lesson about coffee grown near the top of Tanzania.


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