Reality Show Reality

While watching an episode of Ruby on The Style Network last night, my wife asked “why don’t we have a reality show?’ It’s a good question and the simple proven fact is that any fool can have their own show, even me perhaps. Ruby is a good example of that.

It’s kinda sad really. The vast majority of people on reality shows have something fundamentally wrong with them, either psychologically or physically. If they don’t, the show will find something and exploit that to the point that it appears pathological. For example, I have an Irish temper. I mean, it gets bad sometimes. Just ask my wife and kids. A reality show could easily make me out to be the next Idi Amin by showing just the right moments.

That’s the point that really sunk in last night as we watched Ruby. Now, don’t think I’m a fan of the show. I watched it because my home church Wellspring was featured prominently in a section of the show.

A local personal trainer named Denny Starr was featured on this episode as a past boyfriend of Ruby’s. I don’t know Denny, but over the years I’ve heard really great things about him and his gym. He has a great rep and seemed like an all-around great guy from what I heard. Well, the show made him out to be a sex-crazed frat boy with a fat fetish. Is that the reality of Denny? I’m not sure, but thousands of people now think it is.

The portion that featured my church pulled the same rabbit that a lot of church folks do. Pick the one portion of the sermon that you like and run with it. Pastor Kelly was doing a multi-part series on Visionary Love, Dream Sex. Crazy stuff and very relevant. It spoke to God’s plan for sex in the marriage and really helped my wife and I. The show kinda picked a few comments in the sermon that banged up on Denny and then pulled other comments that seemed to condone sex outside of marriage, which was not what my Pastor intended.

My point is this…

I hope that Ruby and Denny aren’t really the complete idiots they seemed like on the show.

I’m glad my church was shown on nationwide television.

Bobby Kelly has a really nice house.

I’m glad I showed up in the audience. In one of the shots, you can see my bald pate in the upper right hand corner. Look for the round shiny blur.

And, to answer my wife, a reality show would be cool, but I’m not sure if I want to put my life in the hands of the producers.


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