Reality Show Reality…with Coffee

Just got through watching the finale of The Bachelor. I know millions of you saw it last night, but I had to catch up on Jack Bauer’s exploits before I watched this one. With a few reality shows I’ll go forever without seeing one, then, all of a sudden, I’ll get caught up in it. It’s weird how it’s like real life. Imagine that?

My wife got me interested in the final episodes of this one. I started watching when Ali made a superstar blunder by leaving for a job promotion from low flunky to mid-level flunky.

I just finished watching the finale and am pretty confused by Jake’s final decision. I thought Tenley was the obvious choice. She’s prettier and has a much better personality. I’ll give you one other big reason why she was the obvious one- she’s a coffee drinker. Check out these pics from the finale. How many beautiful women do you know that drink coffee in their bikinis?

My final word on this one- I never saw that blond hussy Vienna with the dark roots with a cup of coffee in her hands.


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