Book Review- Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson

                Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson

I was very excited to find out that mountain climber turned humanitarian Greg Mortenson had written another book. I reviewed his debut book Three Cups of Tea a few months back and was absolutely amazed by it. It was what I consider a life-changer, the kind of book that can provide a person with the motivation, purpose, and courage to do great things.

                I was also nervous about this second book for a couple of reasons. Would it be a good carry-on from the first book or would it flounder? Would it be as good without David Oliver Relin, the coauthor from Three Cups?

                Stones into Schools picks up with the same mission, promoting peace through education by building schools in the poorest communities in Asia. The first book recounted Mortenson’s inaugural efforts in Pakistan. It ended as the War on Terror escalated. This book details the efforts of the Central Asia Institute in northeast Afghanistan, one of the most remote places on the Earth.

                This book did not disappoint me. It wasn’t a poorly written sequel or rehash of old material. It came across as a second chapter of Mortenson’s life’s work. Three Cups established the dream and the initial hardships. Stones shows us how it really pans out.

                You should read this book. It’ll make you take a break from your own life and focus on the hardships that other people endure. If you haven’t read Three Cups yet, buy both books and read that one first.

It’s interesting to note that as I reviewed this book, I check the best-seller list in my local paper. Stones Into Schools  was #2 for hardback non-fiction and Three Cups of Tea was #2 for paperback non-fiction.


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