Taste! Gourmet Show Chooses Mascot

I attended a press conference recently for the unveiling of the mascot for Taste!, the first ever gourmet food & wine show in Myrtle Beach, SC. The press conference was held at Medieval Times. Alas, no free food samples at the gathering.

Chef Tasty, a feisty chef’s hat will be the mascot for the show.

 The name was chosen by Randi Jennings, an elementary school student who loves cooking with her mom. She was actually knighted and pronounced a lady of the realm as part of her prize.

The Taste! show will have cooking and food for all ages, including special cooking demos for the kiddies. I’m hoping for a big food fight for the adults as well.

I did learn one really important lesson regarding on camera events. Even if you’re a well-known local tv personality, you still need to actually read your script and wear your reading glasses before the ACTION!

Don’t forget, yours truly will be the onsite coffee expert for the show. I’ll have several coffee-centric seminars on the schedule!


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