Zappos for President

Just ordered me a pair of boots from Zappos. Got a pair of Original 1460 8-eye bark grizzly colored boots. That’s right, true believers. Old school Doc’s with the indestructible rubber soles and yellow threading. I had a pair of these back when I was still in the Army down in San Antone. I wore them out over the course of about 6 or 7 years and never bought another pair.

Now I’m back in action.

There were any number of places I could have bought the shoes, all for the same price. Amazon had them. Ebay. Several misc shoe stores on the web. Even the local Journeys store at my mall had them.

I decided on Zappos because I wanted to check out their legendary customer service. I’ve read tons of articles about them. I bought stuff in the early days, some mountaineering boots a while back.

I’ve even sent Tony Hsieh a few books and articles about “happiness”. It’s a pet research project of his, and I was glad I could be of a tiny bit of assistance.

I gotta say that Zappos did not disappoint me on the shoes. I payed for the customary UPS ground shipping, which typically takes 3-5 days. I ordered the shoes about ten in the evening, and they were actually waiting for me at home when I finished up with work the next day. That was about a sixteen hour turnaround time on the entire transaction. Awesome job guys (or gals)!

The shoes were perfect for me. The packing material was perfect for my kids. They made aprons out of the shipping paper and ran around the house like banshees.

I may window shop around town to look at shoes, but Zappos will always be my first choice for the actual purchase.

I think my next purchase will be a pair of those Brit punk style bright red Docs.

Now, if only Zappos sold coffee.


2 thoughts on “Zappos for President

  1. Via e-mail- “Hi David,
    Thank you for contacting the Customer Loyalty Team.
    It is my pleasure to assist you today! Thanks so much for the shout-out on your blog! I took a look, and it makes us happy that we were able to meet all of your expectations like that!

    If there is anything else with which we can help, please let us know!

    Thank you,
    Darren R.,
    Customer Loyalty Representative
    Powered by Service!

  2. The shoes are cool, but love the socks. And maybe one day they will stuff your shoes with coffee so they will have that one of a kind new shoe smell. 😀

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