Please Stop Using Coffee for Politics

I’m not one to share many of my political proclivities here in this forum, but those of you that know me understand that I can be quite opinionated about what I believe in, be it in the political or religious realm. This just isn’t the place for a debate on whether the elephant or donkey party is best, whether abortion laws legislate morality, or whether your church is better than mine.

I’m here (for the most part) to talk about coffee. Sure, I’ll give an opinion every now and then or perhaps share something that my Pastor mentioned in church. That’s not my primary goal though. Even when I branch into major political or religious discussions, I try to stick to issues that affect coffee. If a religion bans coffee and caffeine I’m liable to mention it. If a nation’s political problems affect coffee exports or the growers, then I’m probably gonna mention it.

That is why you didn’t see a single post from me about the recent gun debate involving Starbucks. It’s stupid! I hate the fact that both pro- and anti-gun advocates used a coffee shop as the battleground for a hot button political issue. The position that Starbucks took sums it up best when they said (I’m paraphrasing here), “Leave us out of this. If you’re gonna buy coffee, buy coffee. Otherwise get out. Take your petitions, signs, and whining somewhere else.”

Personally, I’ve carried a gun in coffeeshops for years, although legally concealed. I see no need in scaring kids or moms out for a caffeine and cookie break. I enjoyed my coffee without causing a scene. Both sides on this issue just wanted to cause a disturbance and both sides ended up looking like fools.

Now there’s a new item on my list to rant about. I just powered up AOL and noticed a hyperlink at the bottom of the page- Liberals Hope to Stimulate Obama With Coffee Party. What? Are you kidding me? Apparently, now there’s a Coffee Party movement to counter the Tea Party movement. 

Idiots! Why did you feel the need to hijack a great beverage and use it as a political name?

What’s next?


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