The Philosophy of Fine Beverage

This month’s Mutineer magazine featured a mind-expanding expression of words  by Alan Kropf, Editor & Beverage Evangelist. I won’t even try summing it up. It’s no more effective than if I give you a taste of Kropf’s words here. I hope he doesn’t mind.

For the rest of the article and the other content, click the link to purchase a back issue.

“…Consider what we know about fine beverage: it’s pure flavor in a concentrated sensual experience with a ridiculous potential for depth and complexity that can only be understood through experiencing it. Fine beverage represents one of the oldest and most cherished mediums of artistic expression and appreciation, and is one of the great pleasures of the human existence.

Above all, beverage is what you make of it, which for a growing number of people is a lens through which to explore and experience the world. An exploding culture of beverage enjoyers is harnessing the power of the Internet to break the bounds of bland, over-commercialized traditional beverage culture and media to inject some much-needed soul and inspiration into the modern beverage experience.

To join this tribe of whimsical beverage seekers, all you need to do is have the Interest and act on it in whatever way makes sense for you…

The modern era of the beverage is now, and all are invited to join in the spectacle.”

This issue was my first experience with the magazine, and I was more impressed with the depth of writing, the alternative view of the multi-beverage industry, and the personality of the articles than any other beverage or foodie mags that I have reviewed in the past.

If you’re interested in any kind of serious beverage from coffee to other more alcoholic libations, check it out.


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