Calgon, Take Me Away

What a day! It’s not always all about coffee. Not yet anyway. Let me give you an idea of what went on today in an average day juggling various business concerns.

My day started at six a.m. My wife made me breakfast. 2 strudels, fresh raspberries, and a glass of milk. My 5 yo was up and said hello before I left.

Then it was off to a Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Business Before Hours event at the Kiss Coffeehouse. This is the only Kiss Coffeehouse in the world and is located at Broadway at the Beach. Downed a dark roast coffee and a Mello Yellow to get my sugar and caffeine fix for the morning. Got some great pics and interviews for a blog later this week.

Then back to the house on the way to the office to pick up my shades that I forgot.

Then to the office to check phone messages, pick up the newspaper, and check the fax. One fax from an idiot building inspector that thinks he’s an engineer.

The off to the south end of town for an in-house estimate where I sold a retractable awning for Ocean Breeze Awnings & More, my dad’s business.

Stopped for lunch at the Cape May Seafood House in Murrells Inlet. They were doing a ribbon cutting for their grand opening, and I attended as an Ambassador for the Chamber. Great lunch although no seafood. I had a burger, hot dog, and piece of fried chicken. If meat were like liquor (don’t mix colors), I’d be in trouble. Plenty of protein though.

Back to the office to get paperwork caught up, answer phone messages, check e-mail, and knock off a couple of items in the to-do pile. Unloaded a semi-truck full of windows at my dad’s shop before heading out again.

Left for Coastal Carolina University (CCU) for a class at 6 p.m. Stopped in at Moe’s first for two Funkmeisters (tofu tacos- my favorite). Attended a class sponsored by IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) about starting and maintaining a bicycle club. CCU is hoping to start a club. The class is a precursor to an event this Saturday actually building a new trail in a nearby wildlife refuge.

After class, I finally headed home. Played with the boys. Showered. Hooked up a new tv in my dojo. Checked e-mail. Read a Bible story to the boys. Made a call to plan a dinner out for my 5yo. We home school and he graduated Kindergarten tonight. I told him he could pick any place to go out and eat. He chose the place with the world out front (our friendly neighborhood Planet Hollywood).

Now I’m sitting here at 11:41 p.m. thinking it’s about time to sit down and get in some reading before bed. I should hit the rack around 1.



One thought on “Calgon, Take Me Away

  1. So-o-o-o-o-o-ome day!!!! Of course when you start out your day with so much caffeine you need a buzy day in order to come off the buzz before bed. Have a good tomorrow.

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