Book Review- 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

I just finished reading recently updated version of The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss. He is one guy that is very passionate about enjoying life to its fullest. Aside from his book, I follow his blog and social media posts just to keep up with where he is and what he’s doing. It’s always something new and almost always from a different corner of the globe.

His approach to life is different than any I’ve run across before. He advocates the idea of mini-retirements throughout life instead of a final tired, broke retirement at age 60 or greater. This allows him to capitalize on his life right now instead of waiting until he’s too old and worn out to enjoy it. And guess what? He’s self-employed.

The concept of mini-retirements is to actually take the one, two, three-month or longer trips and vacations now at an early age. Ferriss will typically go somewhere for six months or longer and completely immerse himself in the culture. Forget hotels and the insulation from local life that they offer. He’ll usually rent a house or apartment and stay there among the populace. In addition, he usually hires a tutor to teach him the local language. He also learns a local physical activity as well, often a regional martial art or dance style. Doing this, he has managed to win contests in both kung fu and the Argentine tango.

How does he do this? He sets up automated, self-owned business enterprises and checks his e-mail about once-a-week to run them.

This is definitely a book that I will be keeping in my business library at home. I only keep about a one out of ten books that I read. The vast majority of books gather dust on a bookshelf if kept past the first reading. Sure, they look good and might impress somebody, but few books are good for a second reading or research. I mean, honestly, how many times have you read that collection of Stephen King tomes you’ve had for years? This is a book that I plan on pulling from time to time to check myself.

Almost all my book reviews are positive. I’m sure you’ve realized that if you’re a regular reader. It’s not that I can’t write a negative review. It’s just that I don’t read books I don’t think I’ll like. Why waste my time? For this one though, I thought I’d post a couple of negative comments on the book from an review by a D. Rozell. You can actually find his review and comment back on it. Personally, I think he’s way off and possibly a bit jealous of Ferriss. He strikes me as a guy that couldn’t make Ferriss’ plan work and now wants revenge.

He said…

“Reading this book is not a total waste of time and money, but pretty close. If you must, I recommend getting this one from the local library to at least eliminate the financial loss… If everyone outsources their work, who is left to do the work? If all the farmers, doctors, and garbage collectors followed the advice in this book, eventually, we would all be starving, sick, and sitting in our own waste. The jet-set lifestyle enjoyed by the author only works because others are actually willing to work. Until robots can run the world, the ethical implication is that it is OK for some people to work, just not Mr. Ferriss or his readers.”

 What do you think? I think I’ll get to work on my 4 Hour Workweek Plan  and let someone else pick up my garbage and serve my hamburger.


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