I’m Upset About the March Issue of Mutineer

I just got through reading the March/April issue of Mutineer magazine, and I have to admit, I’m a little upset.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some great articles. It may seem odd that a lifetime non-alcoholic drinker gets such a kick out of reading about alcoholic drinks, but it’s true. I find the creation of alcoholic drinks extremely fascinating. The stories about it and the personalities involved intrigues me. That’s not what made me mad.

There was a great firsthand account about crappy coffee, the coffee created in the excrement of the Asian Palm Civet. You may recall the coffee name Kopi Luwak from The Bucket List. It was Jack Nicholson’s siganture drink in the movie. That’s not what made me mad.

The cover article detailed artist Kenna’s Summit on the Summit climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was a great article and really showed Kenna’s passion for providing clean drinking water for the people of the world. He has a close tie to the issue as you’ll read in the article.

It really interested me that Mutineer featured an article about clean drinking water in a magazine labelled as “Fine Beverage…Redefined.” It fit perfectly though. For us, fine beverage might be a coffee, beer, or wine. For children in African villages and many other areas, a glass of clean water is the finest beverage in existence. I commend Alan Kropf and the crew for giving us the article.

That article didn’t make me mad, but a piece of it did.

Apparently, Jessica Biel was a part of the summit crew. That’s why I’m mad. I’ve been a fan and part-time stalker of Biel ever since she was a snot-nosed teenager in 7th Heaven. You see, I summited Kili back in 1999. I would’ve been willing to wait to hit the top with her and the Kenna crew. Even so, as an experienced climber myself, I would’ve been willing to go again. That’s why I’m upset. Kenna never called to ask.


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