Leader of the Orange Robot Army

Mick Mountz , the founder of Kiva Systems, is a self-proclaimed “caffeine junkie”. According to an article about him in the Sept 2009 issue of Inc. magazine, he “downs three or four cups of coffee and a few cans of Mountain Dew” on an average day. I’d hate to see him on a rough day. His head might explode.

His company, Kiva Systems, manufactures and maintains orange robots. They’re responsible for order fulfillment at many of the large Internet supergiants that you probably receive packages from, such as Amazon, Zappos, and Staples.

In last year’s Inc. 500 listing of the top businesses Kiva Systems ranked no. 6 overall, but first in the Logistics and Transportation category. Not bad.

Check out the robots in action to see what you too can do on a steady ration of caffeine-fueled energysmic dynamo. (I just made up that phrase. Sounds cool. I might trademark it).


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