The New Norm is Yesterday’s Personality Disorder

I was watching Law & Order SVU today. Now, I’m gonna go ahead and proceed with the premise that since it was on TV that we all know it has to be true. I usually keep the show on in my office for background noise. For some reason, the sound of rough interrogations, sirens, and gunshots helps me to work better. Takes me back to my military days when you weren’t working hard enough if bullets weren’t flying.

The crew was talking about a young lady, an alleged criminal. They said that in her own mind that she was always right. If you agreed with her, you were a friend. If you didn’t, you were an enemy. I thought, that sounds a lot like me. I mean, technically, since I’m always right, you should agree with me. If you don’t, well, then you must be wrong. Then Dr. Huang (playing the stereotype of the mild-mannered super-academic Asian man) proceeded to say that the lady’s opinion on other people’s opinions was a borderline personality disorder.

That struck me. All joking aside, the new norm in life always seems to be either a borderline or full blown personality disorder in need of therapy or pharmacological intervention. And, believe me, there’s a medication out there for everything. I think there are three out there for whatever you have.

If I’m more organized than someone else, I have OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). Many people think I have this. Many people think I have this. Sorry, I have to say that twice before I can move on.

If I’m really excited, really happy, or don’t bother paying attention to what you’re saying, I must have ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder).

If I have strong opinions about something, especially religion or politics, then I must have anger issues.

I think you get the message.

Why is it so wrong to be different? We’ve all heard the stories about past geniuses, inventors, and composers who would have lost their creativeness and intellect if they’d lived in this hyper-medicated, hyper-therapy for every ailment age.

Why not just be different and see where it leads you? Screw the medication. Screw the therapy. Go out and live!

Disclaimer- if you have a condition that is dangerous, such as sociopathic or psychotic tendencies or hear voices that aren’t there, please pay no attention to anything written above and do not come visit my house.

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