A Local PR Screw Up

I just received a press release from a local cafe and bakery celebrating their 15th anniversary. The press release was dated today (April 15, 2010) but announced an anniversary and party that was held on March 20, 2010.

What’s the point?

The press release went on to talk about all the fun things they did on that day to celebrate the event- free samples, special cakes, artists, live music, the works.

I’d fire the PR person that sent this out.

Don’t expect new customers to appreciate this. They missed the party already and feel left out.

Don’t expect the newspaper to print it. It’s already old news.

Don’t expect regulars to care about it. You’d be better off posting photos of them having fun at the event.

Media outlets are inundated with press releases. Every yahoo with a fax or e-mail address is sending them out. Make your press releases stick.

Announce a big event before it happens. Get people interested in coming. Get them excited. Gain a few new customers. Make the old ones feel special.

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