Coffee is the Preferred Beverage for Wizards

Wizards prefer coffee over most any other beverage. At least one does. If you don’t read the Dresden Files series of books by Jim Butcher, you should. It’s like Harry Potter on crack. Way before it was uber-cool to be a paranormal PI and every other author out there had a book about one, there was Harry Dresden.

The books are awesome. My wife and I both jump on each one as soon as it comes out and we devour them in days or day, depending on how much free time is allotted.

The latest book, out this month, is Changes. It’s number 12.

Aside from the story elements, action, beautiful women (both supernatural and normal) and suspense, Wizard Dresden also enjoys coffee. Sure, he’ll go to Mac’s Pub for an occasional micro-brew, but coffee is his daily mainstay.

Here’s a couple of quotes from the newest book…

“I passed her a cup of coffee and got one for myself. She took it black with a couple of zero-calorie sweeteners in it. mine came with cream and lots and lots of sugar. We sipped coffee together, and her eyes became more animate as the caffeine went in.” p33

“I stopped drinking coffee. You know, the caffeine.”

I looked at her with mock disgust. “You heathen.” p304

Don’t just take my word for it. Go buy the books and start the series. I think the first few are even available in a box set that’s cheaper than the indivduals.


One thought on “Coffee is the Preferred Beverage for Wizards

  1. Love the Dresden character. And the latest book is the best one so far. Happy reading and coffee drinking! 🙂

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