Backpacker Magazine’s Best Trail Coffee Ever

The annual Editor’s Choice Awards came out in this month’s Backpacker magazine. Always a great issue.

There are just too many choices out there in outdoor gear to waste money on bad decisions. The importance of having great quality trail gear is that the wrong gear can not only ruin a trip, but endanger your life.

When I climb high mountains I’m certainly not wearing the cheapest stuff available from the local mega-whatever-mart. I’ve been on some trips wearing thousands of dollars in clothing. Not only am I staying safe, but I’m setting a good example.

In one of my other ventures I am known as the South Carolina Trail Czar due to my extensive experience with SC trails. Because of that, people (especially novice hikers) will often ask me about trail gear. As a shameless plug for them, I like to shop at Sunrift in Travelers Rest, SC.

With that said, lets see what Backpacker had to say about coffee in this issue.

Starbucks Via won the award for “The best instant coffee. Ever.” No matter what you think about the giant mermaid coffee company, you gotta admit that the Via works on the trail.

Unless you’re willing to carry your own grinder and fresh beans, there’s no better way to go. If you don’t agree, try it out on your next backwoods trip.

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