Run-in at the Starbucks Gun Club

Looks like Leo had a run-in at the Starbucks Gun Club on Sunday. I love this Leo kid that Trudeau brought into the Doonesbury fold. A soldier wounded in the desert fracas, he’s now working his way through his external injuries and a serious case of TBI (traumatic brain injury).

My only problem with the whole Starbucks gun debate, well, one of my two major problems, is that most of the outspoken yahoos are the morons on both sides. Us intelligent, armed-to-the-teeth folks, are usually the quieter pistol-packing crowd who aren’t in everyone’s face about everything all the time.

You may not see my gun while I’m sipping a latte, but don’t try robbing the place. Then you may see if from the wrong end.


2 thoughts on “Run-in at the Starbucks Gun Club

  1. I love caring my weapon wherever I go. Even if I would only go to a coffee shop for a hot chocolate. ;D

  2. Only my wife would continually comment on my “coffee” blog about her hot chocolate!

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