Review- Don Francisco’s Coffee Traders

Originally published in Parent News magazine.

Don Francisco’s Coffee Traders

A representative from Don Francisco’s Coffee Traders sent me several boxes of coffee recently to consider for my Tales of the Bean review. As I’ve said before, you can tell a lot about a made-to-order coffee company by the way they package their product for shipping. It is possible to increase the notion of value through the choice of shipping materials. Some companies use plain brown manila envelopes, but Don Francisco’s does not.

I received two boxes of coffee from them. Both arrived in custom-made Don Francisco’s boxes and were heavily-padded with brown paper confetti. The packaging was immaculate and the coffee arrived in great shape.

They sent me five different varieties of their specialty beans to try out. Specialty beans are only one of their offerings. In addition to those, they also offer steam process decafs, specialty & dark roasts, flavored coffees, and a lot more. I would recommend checking out their website and asking for a catalog.

The five flavors I tried were Celebes Kalossi, Columbia Supremo, Guatemala Antigua, Sumatra, and Tanzania Peaberry.

  • Celebes Kalossi- This is a smooth, mellow, full-flavored coffee with light acidity.
  • Columbia Supremo- 100% Columbia Supremo is considered the finest of Columbian coffees. This one is mellow with a winey tone.
  • Guatemala Antigua- I’m actually drinking this one as I write the article. This is a high altitude coffee distinguished by a reddish tint. Very aromatic and heavy-bodied.
  • Sumatra- Considered by many to be one of the world’s most full-bodied, smooth beans.
  • Tanzania Peaberry- This one is very significant to me, as it comes from the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, and also a mountain I’ve climbed. I actually stayed on a coffee plantation while prepping for the climb. This bean produces a rich, mild, aromatic, full-bodied cup of brew.

Those were just the five flavors I tasted. If you have a particular favorite brew or like me enjoy experimentation, Don Francisco’s sells anything you could need. The prices are fair, and I can attest to the care taken in shipping your purchases. You can find them at Try it out before you head back down to the grocery store for a big can of generic coffee. It’ll be worth it. Even with a bad economy, there are a few luxuries in life that are affordable. Good coffee is one of them.


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