Building a Coffee Shop in Poteau OK

My family owns a fourth generation remodeling firm in South Carolina. I like to pilfer through all of the industry journals that come through the mailbox. I get a lot of ideas from them and sometimes run across great information.

I found this little kudo in the latest issue of Metal Roofing Magazine, their annual Idea Book. It’s a great representation of a coffeehouse and looks quite nice from the photos. I’ve never been there or partook of a cup of The Coffee Cup brew, but I was glad to see them represented in the magazine.

If you’re ever in Poteau OK and drop in, let me know and send me some pics of the interior.

I checked out the website for The Coffee Cup to write this blog. They have a very impressive site. Definitely worth checking out!

4 thoughts on “Building a Coffee Shop in Poteau OK

  1. Via e-mail-
    Thanks Dr. Powers!

    “the idea book” annually is our favorite issue to put out – and it’s because we get to showcase the many impressive projects our industry manufacturers are a part of.

    Thanks and good luck.

    Jim Austin, senior editor
    Metal Roofing Magazine/the idea book
    700 East State Street
    Iola, WI 54990
    800.726.9966 ext. 13281

  2. I work at The Coffee Cup, a locally owned traditional coffee shop, in Poteau, Oklahoma and absolutely adore the place. I travel a lot and visit several traditional coffee shops, it’s a favorite past time of mine! The Coffee Cup is owned by Richard and Tammie Johnson. Richard Johnson is also the owner of Johnson Construction and built the building himself.
    I wanted to leave the web address for both, The Coffee Cup and Johnson Construction where you can view several pictures of each business…

    • That is awesome Brittany! Thanks for the links and the info. One of these days I’ll get out there in my travels.

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