Sex Coffee. Yeah, Baby! (in my best Austin Powers voice)

Review of Magic Power Aphrodisiac Coffee

I joined the Facebook fan page for an Atlanta coffee shop a short time back. I join a lot of coffee-related pages. It’s a great way to keep up with the current coffee trends and meet “authentic” coffee drinkers all over the world. Kaydene Morgan contacted me through the group and asked if I’d ever heard of Magic Power Coffee. I hadn’t.

There are a lot of coffee-centric health supplement products out there. I’ve often seen them advertised as weight loss products. This is the first time I’ve seen one that is said to have sex enhancement properties. That’s right, sex enhancing coffee. It is advertised as the world’s first aphrodisiac beverage. The website actually states that “it’s like someone dropped two Viagra in a Starbucks latte!”

Morgan sent me some samples to try out and review. Thankfully, my wife was eager to help me review them. I did wonder though, prior to trying the samples, just how much I should reveal about the efficacy of the product and my testing. So I don’t reveal any of the seedy details in a family-oriented magazine, I think I’ll err on the side of caution and mainly just talk about the facts. For the seedy details, you can check out the video of my testing at…just kidding.

There are some really interesting effects used in the results section on the website. I’ll just list a few of the adjectives and let your imagination fill in the rest- harder, increased, more, greater, powerful, and multiple are just a few. The list has columns for both men and women, so don’t think this is like most other supplements for men only. It’s an equal opportunity provider.

I tried the coffee two ways. First, I tried it simply as the instant coffee mix by itself. It is premixed with creamer and sweetener so it tasted as good as any store brand instant coffee I’ve had. I’ve never been much for the taste of instant coffee, but it wasn’t too bad. If you drink instant, you won’t notice the difference. The second time I tried it, I mixed it in with some fresh ground Tanzanian beans and drank it that way.

Aside from instant coffee, the mix is supplemented with herbal goodies. Horny goat weed is the primary supplement. The name alone suggests it usefulness. It has been known the world over as a cure for sexual impotence and used to increase fertility. The active ingredient is actually the same one in Viagra. Goji berries are also used. They are known primarily for their enhancement of immune system function and as a whole body harmonizer. Imagine having all your body systems working together in sync and you’ll understand the main use of the goji berry in Chinese medicine. The last primary ingredient is ginseng. Think about it, if the coffee works, you’ll need the increased energy.

The Magic Power Coffee is not just a product. Like many popular nutritional supplements, it’s also part of a multi-level marketing company that you could sign up for as well. I didn’t check out the compensation plan very much, as I was mainly checking out the product. There is plenty of information on the website though, if this is something you might be interested in as well. Like many products, if you plan on using it regularly, it’s usually cheaper to join and use your membership to buy your own personal stash.

For me, I would definitely say that the product worked. I like the fact that its properties are supposed to be helpful for both men and women. Aside from regular use (which would be best case scenario), I could see this product being very useful for big nights like a regular date night, your anniversary, birthday, or every Wednesday. Whatever works best for you.

Check out the website at If you’re interested, give Morgan a call or send her an e-mail. I’m sure she’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.


One thought on “Sex Coffee. Yeah, Baby! (in my best Austin Powers voice)

  1. Just read this- “…can a cup of tea lead to really good sex? Of course it can…but then again, on a given night, under the right circumstances, with enough good booze and bad lighting, so can karaoke.”

    Fresh Cup Magazine, Apr 2010, p16

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