The Taste! Food & Wine Show Recap

For those of you that don’t know, the Myrtle Beach SC area  just hosted the first local food & wine show. In case you didn’t know, I’m not surprised. The show was a train wreck way before it ever started. Even so, a few good things did occur. As the local paper stated, there was both sweet and sour in the show.

I’ll mix the good with the bad in this report so it doesn’t overwhelm you.

BAD- The show lost their liquor license prior to it’s beginning. What kind of food and WINE show can’t serve alcoholic beverages?

GOOD- I met and spent some time with bad boy Guy Fieri. Not only that, but he gave me a shout out from the stage during his show. He said, “Where’s the coffee guy? Where’s Dave?”

BAD- The show producers underdelivered on virtually every promise and committment made to every person associated with the event.

GOOD- I spent time with a couple of other great chefs, including Aaron McCargo Jr of Big Daddy’s House on The Food Network.

I’ll stop there with the bad stuff. There’ll probably be a couple of lawsuits spring out of this one.

I had several great seminars, both on African coffees. I was actually asked to present the seminar on Rwandan coffee twice. Overall, it was a great show. It was run horribly but I made the best of it and had the opportunity to meet some great celebs and vendors. Expect more blogs with details from the show, including my interview with Guy Fieri.

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