Coffee at the DC Omni

I’m staying at the Omni hotel in downtown Washington DC. Here for a conference and to receive an award from the US Chamber.

I scanned the room service menu. Huge wine list. Huge dessert list. My wife had a pot of gourmet dark chocolate hot cocoa this morning. Huge tea list. So I naturally looked for the huge coffee list. I was excited to see what single origin coffees or blends they offered.

Then…splat- deflated excitement. I am David’s irritated gall bladder. Nothing but regular Starbucks on the menu and not even much of that. There’s also a Starbucks in the lobby. Does anyone realize that more out there exists other than Starbucks?


2 thoughts on “Coffee at the DC Omni

  1. Via Facebook- “I feel the same way. Starbucks is overrated.
    Have fun in DC!!!” Lisa M.

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