Affordable Chic Coffee Shop Design

There’s a great article in this month’s Metropolis magazine about a group of up-and-coming interior designers.

One of the designers profiled is Jun Aizaki of Creme Design in Brooklyn. The work profiled is Philly chef Jose Garces’ new eatery Garces Trading Company. Garces recently won a James Beard Foundation Award. If you don’t know, the Beard awards are akin to food’s version of the Nobels.

One great thing about Aizaki’s work that might appeal to any new coffee shop owners is this quote from the magazine. He is “eager to work with young chefs who don’t have much of a budget.”

Aizaki went on to say, “We really try to create a synergy between the food, the services, and the design.”

Sounds perfect for an ‘authentic’ coffee shop. Too many coffee shops seem to be thrown together or loosely based on the Starbucks quickie in-and-out layout. Why not take the time and money to design a kick-a#% coffee shop that not only sells coffee, but does more? What is the more you ask? I don’t know. You decide.

Just be willing to hire a good designer and spend the money necessary to do it right.

(from Metropolis, May 2010, page 94+)

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